Samantha Ee
Thursday, May 24, 2012

Im back!Soo sorry for not updating my post here as Im now study exchange in Guangzhou, China. Used freegate to sign in my facebook, twitter,youtube, its good but spend for about 5 mins just to sign in any of the page.Thats the reason why Istop updating my blog since I came here. Perhaps no more followers read this blog?

There is looong story to tell if posting things that happened since I stopped my blog. What I have been doing was after my internship in Nanning, I came to Sunyat- sen University in Guangzhou for exchange program from Sept 2011-- July 2012. What I can say is everyone here is a genius. The lecturer here are much more different than what we had in Korea and Malaysia. Told peoples around me about university in China but just no one can understand the level im trying to tell unless any of you had study before in China. I admit I had a hard time here study together with "god" as Im not the top student from korea or malaysia. Therefore, often study with my chinese friends after class or during the weekend. I do appreciate this experience studying in top 10 uni in China. Recently, Im busy doing assignment, presentation and prepare for final exam. Leaving Guangzhou in the mid June for summer vacation right after my last paper.Just cant wait to go back Malaysia for 2 months before the next semester starts in Sept!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Sorry to my friends for not updating my blog these few months! I'm now having a great life in Nanning ,Work ,sleep ,eat, work, sleep, eat...Just finished a month training in marketing department in July,am now training in front desk. Been sitting in back office for wholly day but stand at front desk for entire day now..Usually go for an hour massage after work ..My day working hour are mostly from 7am to 3.30pm,depends on shift . Do prefer morning shift so that I could hangout or do my own stuff in the afternoon. TeeHee.

Love people here in Nanning, they are so friendly and treat me so well just like a family. Got to know many cool peoples here like In Gin from Malaysia, a chef in our western restaurant took me to many good restaurant to try local food in Nanning; Jenny, a colleague from marketing department took me back to visit her hometown in Guilin,what wonderful friends that I didn't espect before I came here! Was wonder whether I could get used to it in this new place but lucky me!

Will try to update as often when I'm free ,am having massage now cuz my feet was sore!Thanks for reading my blog friends!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just back to Malaysia but too bad will only stay for couple days, will be leaving for GuangXi Nanning for internship 2months omg..

She is my lovely youngest niece, Tiffany! Grown up a lot compare to last vacation !

My arm and body feel sore after carrying her for many hours yesterday, I've just finished 2 hours massage..

Was staying in bro house only yesterday, tonight will be having dinner with part of my family^^I'm kinda nervous for internship few days later omggg....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Yes, buffet dinner again Shilla hotel. It's my last buffet dinner as I'm leaving korea in 7days! Wuhoo! Final exam is coming so soon but we have a farewell party for me tomorrow..

Soon-to-be korean group singer, my good friend Chow from Malaysia went for buffet with us tonight.

They make great coffee, I was shocked after Kang told me the price of their coffee machine.

Delayed post : Went to Hongdae dog coffee shop last weekend. I'm afraid this dog cuz it's super big!

They will come to me only when they see me holding snacks..

Had a great shopping in Paju Premium Outlet with mom and good friends. Nice place here but it's so far for me take subway for 40mins and transit to bus and take another 40mins to Paju.

First shop we entered and grabbed 2 tops from Raplh Laurens, it's 50~80% come on!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Had buffet dinner last night in The Shilla hotel with my good friends!

Kang gave me TOUCH's latest album with their autograph wuhoo^^

Yayy we are leaving korea very soon!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tadaa! This is the photo I took with my favourite animal orang utan in Safari when I visited to Bangkok last 2years^^ Am planning to make another visit here to see monkeysss!

Today been staying at home for whole day...Went out with mom to buy Subway for lunch then walked to Cafe Bene for waffles and coffee..Was kinda bored but got no mood to hangout today. Another 19days to go for me to leave Korea! I am soo excited because my final exam which on 17th(Fri) professor allow me to take the exam a day earlier! So I dont need to take the exam in the morning then rush to the airport! Decided to go airport few hours earlier for W Hotel's Kimchi-chigae in that afternoon.

Time is passing so fast, 26th I am going to Nanning for 2months internship, that makes me superrrr excited and nervous. My very very first job in my life.. Worrying for much little thing..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another gathering yesterday, invited some close friends to my place for hot pot. They had a long chat til late with my mom even after I went out to SinChon for Japan Night.

A new Chinese friend I've meet last night from ShanDong Qingdao who told me lots about Shandong.

I'm so glad to see some Japanese that didn't meet for a long long time-Haru & Fumiaki!! Force us to go Hongdae with them after the party in bar, return to home at 4am! I wasn't drunk but korean taxi ajosshi's driving skills make me drunk!Super headache !